Masala Dabba – Indian Spice Box – The Toolbox of Indian Cooking


Rooted in history and tradition the Masala Dabba is the foundation of Indian cooking. Buy on our sister site: Samosa Fundraisers Spices sold separately. See Spices.


What is a Masala Dabba?

It is a traditional Indian Spice Box which contains up to seven of the key spices used in my recipes. The masala dabba which is most commonly made from stainless steel, has several sectioned compartments to keep the spices separated. If you are new to Indian cuisine, think of the masala dabba as your toolbox — your go to resource that is the foundation for most of the dishes you will cook. Customize the dabba with the spices that suit your cooking preferences and that you use most frequently. In my dabba I use chili powder, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, ajmo, cumin, and dhana jeera.

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